Setting the “P.A.C.E.” in Event Planning

Stomp and Clay Productions, LLC has built an exceptional reputation for setting the P.A.C.E. (Professional, Ambiance, Creativity and Entertainment) in event planning. This concept was derived from a series of proprietary events which started with the idea of bringing like-minded people together to congregate and socialize in an environment with positive energy, creative ideas and live entertainment.

Bringing the right elements together to set the “PACE” in event planning!


We utilize and provide a “Professional” management and staff to plan, execute and drive customer’s satisfaction.

Provide the perfect “Ambiance” by utilizing exclusive and luxurious venues which captures the essence of the event and the appreciation of our diverse clientele.

Utilizing original “Creative” ideas, which separates us from others, while bringing our diverse clientele the very best in event planning.

We provide the very best variety of live “Entertainment” for our desired clientele and customer’s experience.